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Thursday, June 2, 2011

http://www.santashope.com/ This afternoon, about a dozen of us Santas from Texas left for Joplin, MO to take up 2 trailers full plus RV's and pickups full of toys.  They will be passed out to the children in Oklahoma City and Joplin whose families were devastated by the recent tornados.  We took up about 1000 toys plus about 10 cases of children's books and evangelistic booklets as well.  We may well run out.

This whole effort has grown a great deal from an idea last week, and most of us (probably all of us) want to see this as a regular effort of Santas here in Texas.  As natural disasters occur in our region, we want to be prepared to take caravans to these locales to bless the children and families.  This is an effort that is part of our 'Lone Star Santa' organization here in Texas.

It will mean that we will need to begin toy drives immediately on our return.

The reason I bring this up here is two-fold.  First and most important, it is an effort that completely is in character with Santa.  It is who we are that we look out after the needs of others and try to bless them in as many ways as we can.  It is almost more important for us to do these kind of things as it is for the children and families that will be blessed by it.

Second, there is something to be said for forward thinking.  We got going on this quite late and still came up with about 1000 gifts plus books and things.  But with more planning and preparation, we will be able to better meet and bless others.  I don't know how many states and regions have regional Santa groups, but this is something that has been great fun for all of us.  We have learned some important short cuts and resources that I will attempt to write up and provide to anyone who wants to run with this in their own area.  THIS IS CHRISTMAS ALL YEAR AROUND!!!!

Merry Christmas!  "Consider others above yourself!"
Santa Kevin  sk@santashope.com

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