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Friday, September 27, 2013


Early in December 2012, Kevin F. called me to request a special visit for his fiance and himself. Kevin wanted to propose to his fiance, Deborah, and wanted Santa to deliver the engagement ring to her.  It was intended to be a grand surprise. On December 22, I met Kevin F. & Deborah C. at a wonderful restaurant in downtown Dallas where he had taken her for dinner. 
     As planned, Santa would go from table to table talking to guests of the restaurant and passing out candy canes and would work my way over to Kevin & Deborah's table. Deborah did not know I was actually there for her.  As I got closer to their table, she began waving, attempting to get my attention anyhow. Finally, I made it to their table, gave them each a candy cane and talked with them about Christmas plans. 
     As I prepared to leave, Deborah made a comment, wondering what else might be in my bag. I turned and handed her and Kevin a reindeer button, which she was delighted with and thanked me.  And then as I was preparing to turn and leave, I said, "Oh wait, there is something else in here for you." I then handed Kevin the ring box and he began his proposal.  Deborah said "Yes!" 

In early June, Kevin F. called me to say that he and Deborah wanted me to perform their wedding since I was an ordained pastor.  I heartily agreed.
     On August 16th, along the shoreline of Turtle Creek in Dallas, I married Kevin & Deborah. In a quiet ceremony among family and close friends, and a badelynge/a bunch/a brace/a flock/a paddling/a raft/ a team or a dover of ducks, I married them. 
     There were no turtles seen that day. 
     Deborah makes a beautiful bride and together they make a very handsome couple.
Santa Kevin