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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Flying in an airplane

     I recently flew from San Antonio to Portland, Oregon (Yes, Santa flies commercial airlines once in a while). 
     It was a most enjoyable trip, though nothing compared to flying in a sleigh. I sat alongside a farmer and his family who were returning from vacation. His two children sat beside their mother across the isle from us. They were very excited to be sitting so close to Santa and while at first were a bit apprehensive, quickly warmed up to a high excitement. When the Flight Attendant passed by, they were quick to point out their father was sitting alongside Santa. 
     The flight was a delightful one and we passed the time telling stories. No doubt the children would be telling their friends about this flight. 
     The plane descended into Portland with a smooth landing and once parked at the gate, we collected our things and filed out of the plane.  The pilot stood outside the cockpit door and greeted the passengers. When I passed by, I thanked him and commented about the delightful flight and smooth landing. He got a big grin on his face and said, "Thank you! That is high praise coming from you!
     People very often ask me what it is like to be Santa. I can tell you it is great. I love my job!! Everywhere I go, and most everyone I meet almost immediately warm up to me. It doesn't matter if it is a child or even a business executive. Everyone knows Santa is a loving and jolly fellow who is known for his gift-giving. 
Lone Star Santas bring their Convoy of Toys to San Marcos.

     Last month, about 50 of us Santas from around the state of Texas got together and took over 2,000 toys into a community that has suffered from major flooding with loss of life and property. We served the families and children who survived and had lost everything. It is an incredible experience to give love, a hug and an armful of toys to children and parents in those circumstances. 
     Considering others more important than  ourselves is something everyone can do, not just Santa. All we have to do is keep our eyes open and our hearts ready to serve and to give. Even if you don't have anything you can give materially, most often, all people want is to know someone cares and is there to love them. It is the heart of God lived out through each of us to others. 
     With Christmas 2015 fast upon us, let each of us be thankful.