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Saturday, April 9, 2011

WOW! I mean WOW!!

This afternoon, I received a picture message on my phone of a 5 month girl sitting on the lap of the Easter Bunny. Now ordinarily, this would not be something all that exciting for most of us except the girls mother.  But it was the little girl's mother who asked the manager to send this picture to Santa.

Just a few days before Christmas this last year, a woman arrived at our Santa land just as I (Santa) was leaving.  My manager told the woman that Santa was leaving for a much needed dinner break and she would need to bring her daughter back in an hour to be photographed with Santa.  Well, the mother pleaded with my manager who referred her to me.  She came to me and pleaded with me to allow her daughter to be photographed with Santa.  It would be too difficult for her daughter to wait until I returned and she wanted a picture of her with Santa.  I overheard her mother say her daughter was about to have major surgery.

I went back over and took her infant daughter in my arms and my manager photographed the two of us for her mother.

As the mother prepared to take her daughter, I asked her what she had told my manager.  It turned out when her daughter was born, she had a defective heart and was going in for major open heart surgery to repair a large hole the day after Christmas.  I asked her if I could pray for her daughter, and she quickly agreed.

So the two of us took her daughter and sat back down and bowed our heads in prayer asking God to heal her and to guide the hands of the surgeons in Jesus name.  As you can see, the grandmother urged my manager to take a picture of our prayer.

It turns out that the picture on the right was the one mom purchased and took home that day.  She wanted to remember the time when Santa prayed for her daughter.

What a blessing it was for me to get this new picture of her daughter a few months later. 

Some things are just too good!

By the way, it is only 260 more days till Christmas!!!

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